Marcie A. Sclove

Marcie Sclove is the founder and host of Going Deeper. Marcie came to Amherst, MA with her husband in the late 1980’s. She opened Marcie’s Place Restaurant and became an active member of the Amherst community. Marcie then went on to run the Soup Kitchen at the Amherst Survival Center for four years, where she has been a long-time volunteer and board member since her days on staff. She is former president and board member of the Amherst League of Women Voters.

After a transformative experience living in India for ten months in 2006, Marcie returned to Amherst with a strong desire to connect with the most poignant and real elements of human experience. She completed a Clinical Pastoral Education program and worked as a per diem hospital chaplain, where presence and deep listening were critical to her work with patients. She wanted to work at the extremes of life cycles, both birth and death, which led her to become a birth and postpartum doula, and to complete a training in Hospice end-of-life care.

All of these experiences were powerful, and Marcie wanted to continue this work of listening to people’s stories and wisdoms, but in a manner that could be shared with her community of Amherst and beyond. This drove her to create her television show, Going Deeper, which shares deep, authentic conversations with interesting people. Across over twenty two-part interviews, Marcie has interviewed elders of the community who share their stories; extraordinary members of the Black community of Amherst about their lives and insight into the town; and people whose work revolves around making the world a better place.

Marcie is grateful to the interviewees for joining her for these conversations, to the viewers for engaging with the content and process of the show, and for the opportunity to create something of lasting meaning for the individual, the town of Amherst, and the world at large.

Marcie introduced at the Sammy Awards 2015.