Hello and welcome to my website! It is currently full of my Going Deeper interviews, dating back to 2014.

What drew me to doing these interviews? It came out of my love for authentic conversation and my training in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) — a non-denominational chaplaincy training that emphasizes presence and being led by the one with whom you are sitting.

How do I pick my interviewees? Mostly, I just go with whom I find interesting and whose story I’d like the audience to know.

Sitting in the studio, the room dark, the lights accentuating our connection, I get into an altered state sometimes, really enjoying the conversation.

After the fact, and the post-interview addition of photos, I feel proud of these little gems we have created together. Something lasting and important.

So, that a little background about these Going Deeper Interviews. I hope you enjoy watching (or just listening) to them, and that they bring you some inspiration.

And please let me know what you think!