Marcie ScloveI trained to be a doula because I love sharing, with women and their partners, this extraordinary experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

In times past, various women performed the doula role during the birth process: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, wise elder women, etc. Now, when communities are often so fragmented, we need to consciously create that support system.

I offer reliable support and comfort. I help to create an environment of safety that encourages the laboring mom’s body to open, soften, and do what comes naturally. Whether the couple has chosen a natural birth, or one aided by medical intervention such as induction, epidural, or cesarean, I can advocate for their wishes during the birth. I do this by getting to know the woman and partner, and by understanding their goals and expectations in advance.

The support I offer includes a wide range of methods to help the baby enter the world, including labor positions, breathing techniques, and ways to prepare for the birth during pregnancy. I also have experience working with people who have high levels of anxiety, having supported such clients throughout their pregnancy and birth. The postpartum period is crucial for the wellbeing of the new mom and her family and I offer postpartum doula services as well.